Terms & Conditions

Quotations and Product Applications

All quotations are subject to the receipt of accurate and complete information from the requestor. Quotations are firm for thirty (30) days, but orders are subject to the price in effect at the time of shipment. Prices are quoted exclusive of any taxes and any taxes imposed will be added to the invoice. Scheduled ship dates represent the best estimates of Portable Helipad Systems Limited and its suppliers at the time of quotation and do not constitute fixed promises. Portable Helipad Systems Limited will assist in the design and specification of systems and products when requested. It is the responsibility of the customer to insure the proper application and installation of all products. Liquidated damages are not accepted in any form by Portable Helipad Systems Limited.

Order Acceptance

Orders are subject to acceptance by Portable Helipad Systems Limited. The minimum billing is USD 50.00 net. A written purchase order must be received before order is entered. The written purchase order takes precedence over any other communication written or verbal except valid written change orders. Errors in pricing or terms will not be honoured even if they appear on Portable Helipad Systems Limited’s quotation and/or customer’s order. Change orders are subject to re-pricing and acceptance. Change orders will be confirmed in writing and assumed to be accepted unless the customer responds within 24 hours to the contrary. Each price is subject to revision to the price in effect at the time of shipment.

Payment Terms

Trade credit payment terms are net thirty (30) days from the date of invoice. Advance payment may be required by Portable Helipad Systems Limited for custom orders, new customers and for other reasons as determined by Portable Helipad Systems Limited. Past due accounts will be charged a two percent (2%) finance charge per month. Shipments will not be made to past due accounts. Accounts over sixty (60) days will be referred for collection by an outside agency. The customer pays all the costs of collection incurred by Portable Helipad Systems Limited including, but not limited to legal fees.


The standard warranty for products manufactured by FEC Heliports is one (1) year from the date of ex-factory shipment. For products altered in any way or improperly installed in the opinion of Portable Helipad Systems Limited, the warranty is void. The “Limited Product Warranty” below applies to all products of FEC Heliports manufacture.

Consumable parts such as lamps, fuses, etc are not covered by this warranty. Parts damaged by lightning, line surges or other such damage outside our control are not covered by this warranty.
For products not of FEC Heliports manufacture, FEC Heliports will be responsible only to the extent of the original equipment manufacturers written warranty and its application to the claim in question.
The amount of the claim is limited to the replacement or repair of the defective product or equivalent trade credit. On no event shall Portable Helipad Systems Limited be liable for consequential or special damages of any kind.

Limited Product Warranty

The following warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties, whether express, implied or statutory, including, but not by way of limitation, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.

FEC Heliports warrants to each original Buyer of products manufactured by FEC Heliports that such products are, at the time of delivery to the buyer, free of material and workmanship defects, provided that no warranty is made with respect to:

  • Any product which has been repaired or altered in such a way, in FEC Heliports judgment, as to affect the product adversely;
  • Any product which has, in FEC Heliports judgment, been subjected to accident, negligence or improper storage.
  • Any product which has not been operated and maintained in accordance with normal practice and in conformity with recommendations and published instructions of FEC heliports; and,
  • Any products, component parts or accessories manufactured by others but supplied by FEC Heliports (claims should be submitted to the manufacturer thereof).

FEC Heliports obligation under this warranty is limited to repair or, at its option, replacement of any products which in its judgment proved not to be as warranted within the applicable warranty period. FEC Heliports requires return to the factory any product claimed to be not as warranted. All costs of removal and transportation to and from the factory and reinstallation shall be borne by the buyer. FEC Heliports does not assume any liability for damages caused by delays involving warranty service.

Shipping Terms

EXW Ex-Works (FOB factory) unless otherwise stated in writing. Freight and Insurance charges for all orders will be prepaid and invoiced.
Risk of loss and title pass to the customer upon delivery.

Order Cancellation & Product Returns

Cancelled orders and returns of stock items are subject to a restocking charge equal to thirty (30%) percent of the product selling price paid. Returned items must be new and in the original packaging and must not have been installed and must be received at FEC Heliports unmarked and undamaged in any way. Return shipping charges must be prepaid by the customer. Non-stock and custom products may not be returned for credit.

Limitation of Liability

All special terms and conditions set forth on the buyer’s purchase order not in accordance with FEC Heliports “Terms and Conditions of Sale” are refused unless specifically accepted in writing. FEC Heliports reserves the right to ignore or modify the customers stated terms and conditions without notice to the buyer. Customer order terms and/or claims for liquidated damages, losses caused by shipping delays, consequential damages and any other claims not in accordance with the warranty stated herein are not recognized nor accepted. No customer back charges of any kind will be accepted except as authorized in writing by FEC Heliports.

Export Sales Terms

All prices are in US Dollars or GBP Sterling only

Export Payment Terms

Payment is in cash in advance of payment via bank transfer.
No order will be processed before the payment method is accepted by Portable Helipad Systems Limited.

Bank Transfers

All bank transfer costs will be borne by the buyer.
Bank transfer information will be supplied by Portable Helipad Systems Limited at the time of order.

Letters of Credit

Portable Helipad Systems Limited does not accept letters of credit except in special circumstances.