FEC Solar Powered PAD-Star® Lighting System

FEC Heliports PAD-Star®️ provides a low voltage ICAO/CAA compliant Solar or Mains powered LED/IR Helipad Lighting System that can be used in conjunction with the Portapad portable landing solution.

The PAD-Star®️ Lighting controller has an inbuilt VHF air band receiver for Air-to-Ground Remote Control from the Aircraft at over 10km (Line of Sight). Pilots can also switch channels to vary the lights’ intensity.

Key Features

Product Specifications

  • Application – Effective marking of helicopter landing zones that
  • Can be identified at night from distances up to 10 Miles (16km)
  • Efficient – Very Low Power Consumption: Approx. 3W (idle) and less than 3OW max.
  • Low Voltage: Operating from 110-24OV AC 5O-6OHz or 12V -24V DC it is ideal for solar and battery power supply
  • Intelligent – PAD-Star®️ can be powered mains, solar array or wind turbine.
  • Or it can take any combination of these power supplies, automatically switching between them.
  • Versatile – Variable Light Intensity: ICAO plus additional light levels for both visible and infra-red (IR) NVG LEDs: 1%, 3%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 50%, 75% & 100%.
  • Smart – Setup, control and monitoring – communication over the data cable to intelligent light drivers.
  • Pilot Control – Wireless via VHF operational at a line of sight ranges in excess of 10km
  • System Monitoring – From a pc the entire installation can be tested automatically, a test report prepared and the results emailed and archived for quicker, more accurate audit and compliance.

Example Portapad PAD-Star®️ System

  • (12 off) FEC PAD-Star®️ Ground Mounted LED/IR ICAO/CAA compliant Anodised Perimeter lights (Green)
  • (1 off) FEC PAD-Star®️ Lighting Controller with Remote VHF pilot-controlled lighting capability and UHF connectivity
  • (1 off) FEC PAD-Star®️ 200W Solar Panel Post Mounting System & RF Pack including IP66 rated Secure Cabinet for Pad-Star®️ Lighting Controller
  • (1 off) FEC LED 12-24v Internally Illuminated Solar Powered Wind Cone
  • (1 off) FEC Helicopter Crash Rescue Locker – ICAO H1/H2 Compliant Package
  • (1 off) FEC PAD-Star®️ 12-24v cabling with all required connectors, junction boxes, glands and conduit


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