FEC HEMS-Station®

HEMS-Station®️ is the latest addition to the FEC Portable Helipad Lighting Range and is designed to securely store and charge up to 10 FEC Portable Lights at designated landing sites.

HEMS-Station®️ can be mounted inside a building, externally to a wall or as part of the new Portable Solar All-in-One (AiO) Helipad Lighting & Illuminated Wind Cone System.

Key Features

Product Specifications

  • Application – Effective marking of helicopter landing zones that can be identified at night from distances of up to 10 Miles (16km).
  • Portable – HEMS-Station®️ can accommodate and charge up to 10 FEC Portable Lights keeping them fully charged and ready for immediate deployment
  • Power – HEMS-Station®️ can be powered from a 110 – 230V AC mains supply or a solar array or wind turbine or any combination of the above, automatically switching to the lowest cost/greenest source of supply
  • Versatile – HEMS-Station®️ can be attached directly to a wall, post or a floor standing frame can be supplied
  • Pilot Control – Optional Wireless light activation via VHF operational at a line-of-sight ranges in excess of 10km
  • Stability – A ‘Spike Rack’ is mounted in the enclosure door holding up to 10 ground spikes which can be quickly fixed to the Portable Lights for deployment in difficult topology (e.g. long grass)
  • Security – Schneider Electric powder coated steel enclosure with IP65 rating and twin locks with matching keys
  • Schneider Electric Powder Coated Steel Enclosure Key lock and internal cabinet LED light Height: 500mm / Width: 400mm / Depth: 200mm
  • Stainless Steel Internal Unit Charging rack with bays for 10 x FEC portable lights Illuminated FEC logo to indicate power to the charging rack
  • 100W 110/230VAC Power Supply Unit (PSU) Switched and Fused IEC input connector 2m IEC Mains cable (wire ended)
  • 13.5-28V DC Input Power Socket
  • 2m DC Power Cable (A-end: 3 pin XLR, B-end: wire ended)
  • Blue Tooth®️ Wireless Portable Lighting Communication Software for PC or tablet and manuals provided on memory stick
  • FEC Portable Light Magnetic Activation Keys (2 off)
  • Spike Rack and 10 off 400mm Aluminium Ground Spikes
  • 10 off FEC Portable Programmable Battery Helipad Lights White, green, blue, red & IR LEDs, light sensor, integrated charger. Fitted with 1 off 7.5V 2.2Ah Li Ion battery. Single portable light unit dimensions: Length: 83mm / Width: 83mm / Height: 65mm / Weight 0.73kg


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