Portable Helipad – Portapad

Helicopter landing solutions for Humanitarian, Military, Border Control, HEMS, Police, Commercial and various other operations.

The Portapad provides a low maintenance and economical network opportunity that can be easily constructed, dismantled and relocated

Safe, strong and reliable

A strong, safe, reusable helicopter landing platform for unprepared areas. Minimal environmental impact, aluminium is 95% recyclable. Improves operational safety. Allows rapid installation with little or no site preparation on virtually any terrain. Safe, strong and reliable platform adds to helicopter landing safety.

Since the beginning of helicopter operations, military, civil and commercial users have been plagued by ground related accidents. Yearly, the toll of fatalities caused by the tail and main rotors rises, as has the number of helicopters that have been damaged or lost after hitting ground obstacles upon landing. The Portapad is designed as a tool to assist in eliminating many of the causes of these accidents, plus provide the means for positive passenger control and greater utilization of the helicopter. The Portapad design height allows safe zones to be created whereotherwise, for example if landing directly on the ground, they would be unavailable. Personnel can move freely about the landing zone, allowing passengers as well as supplies to be staged directly at the landing site for faster loading and quicker but safer turn-around times. The elevation provided by a helicopter landing on the Portapad means that personnel are considerably less likely to unintentionally contact the tail rotor even when the Portapad is on a level surface.