PAD-Star® – Campbeltown Hospital

Application: Market leading FEC PAD-Star® ICAO compliant helipad lighting package installed at the new Campbeltown Hospital helipad, to enable extended day and additional night operational use by the Scottish Ambulance Service Air Ambulance and Search & Rescue Operations.

Locations: Campbeltown Hospital, Campbeltown, Scotland, UK


  • Extended Operational Hours Enabling Night and Low Visibility Daytime Movements
  • Faster Response Times to the Nearest Trauma Unit
  • Improved Regional Coverage
  • Robust, Reliable Lighting Solution with Remote Air to Ground Activation
  • Low Maintenance and Support Required
  • Ultimately Supports Improved Patient Critical Care

The Robert Black Memorial Helipad in Campbeltown Hospital

The requirement for a fully illuminated concrete helipad at the Campbeltown Hospital was conceived by Mr. Robert Black to speed up the transfer of patients to major Scottish mainland trauma centres, by replacing the adjacent, often unusable, waterlogged field landing area or having to scramble emergency flights to/from the town’ airport, five miles away. Mr Black, 52, was a paramedic who had worked for the Scottish Ambulance Service for 28 years, but tragically he died in May 2020 with Covid-19. He was described as “an absolute gem of a man” and his name and memory will now live on through the hospital helipad.

FEC Heliports worked very closely with Stuart McLellan and the key stakeholders of this important project since 2018, to help make it happen. Together with the incredibly generous, essential provision of funds entirely raised by the HELP Appeal, through charitable exploits and donations; Campbeltown Hospital now has a 24/7/365 critical care service capability to support the local community and surrounding area, adding to the 18 FEC Heliports equipment lit night-operational landing sites across Scotland, that significantly help these communities to get to specialist care centres a lot faster when serious health issues occur.

“I’m absolutely delighted to have been able to get this project completed for Campbeltown. It’s been very long overdue. I was elated when standing on the embankment watching the first Helicopter land on the purpose-built helipad which the community have needed for quite some time. I’d like to thank everyone that’s been involved and persevering with me to make this project happen from the Helicopter Emergency Landing Pad Appeal, Local MSP’s, Local Councilors, Community Council, South Kintyre Development Trust, Local Residents, NHS Highland, Argyll & Bute Council, Civil Aviation Authority & The Scottish Ambulance Service. I’d also like to thank McFadyen’s Contractors, FEC Heliports & McKinven & Colville Ltd for their continued support with their involvement in the Construction Plans of the Helipad.”

Stuart McLellan, MInstLM
Ambulance Technician
Scottish Ambulance Service