HEMS-Station® Solar Plus – Glenforsa

Application: used by Scottish Ambulance Service – Air Ambulance (SASAA) and Search & Rescue Operations in the surrounding area as designated secondary landing site, for day and night operations

Location: Glenforsa, Isle of Mull, Scotland, UK


  • Supports Extended Operating Hours
  • Improved Regional Coverage in Low-Visibility/Night Ops
  • Reliable Lighting Solution with Remote SMS System Monitoring
  • Low Maintenance and Support Required
  • Faster Response Times to Nearest Trauma Unit
  • Ultimately, Supports Extended Patient Care

Air Ambulance in Scotland, UK

FEC Heliports has been working closely with the Scottish Ambulance Service Air Ambulance – (SASAA) for a number of years now. A continuous requirement has been the need to create on demand, economical, community assisted, and night operational HEMS landing sites. Adding to this challenge has been the need to deploy solutions across a country with long periods of little daylight and demanding terrain. The first edition of FEC HeliLights quickly proved their usefulness in low visibility/night, critical care situations in some of the remote, difficult to reach by land locations like, for example, Scourie and Aaron.

“The Scottish Ambulance Service uses Glenforsa Airfield on Mull as a landing site for its helicopters 24hrs a day and undertakes in the region of 60 transfers per year from there. In February 2018 in order to improve our responsiveness and resilience FEC Heliports installed a HEMS Station at the airfield. The features of the HEMS Station allow us to ensure that the HEMS Star lights are continually charged using solar power. The status of the lights can be checked by SMS texts, whenever required, and hence are always ready to be deployed when required.
In the 6 months of operations, at Glenforsa, we have had no issues with the installation and have received excellent customer service and support from FEC.”

Rob Dalziel, SRP
Regional Air Ambulance Manager