Why choose us?

FEC Heliports has been designing, manufacturing and installing aluminium helipads for over 25 years.

Portapad advantage

With over 500 roof-top and offshore helipads completed to date, it is this wealth of experience and helicopter landing platform knowledge that our engineering team brings to the FEC portable helipad: “Portapad“. Selected reference points include the Portapad being used as a network of 15 landing zones by the US Customs and Border Control Agency, in use by the Morobe Gold mining company in Papua New Guinea and the Woodside Gas company in Australia.

Our emphasis is on quality, industry standards, economy and expediency, so when you choose Portapad it will be fully signed off by our experienced and professionally qualified engineering design team, warranted, manufactured and delivered within a matter of weeks.

You can, therefore, be completely confident in the Portapad design as a strong, safe, consistent, reliable and economical helicopter landing platform solution for years to come.

The Portapad system is a tried and tested helicopter landing platform that can be rapidly installed, often with little or no site preparation, on virtually any terrain. Additionally, Portapad has minimal environmental impact, as the aluminium structure is 95% recyclable, or it can be easily relocated without loss of initial investment. This, combined with one of our solar or battery powered lighting/illuminated wind cone solutions and you will have the market leading portable, recyclable, net zero emission, 24/7 helipad.


Years of experience




recyclable aluminium structureS




  • Available with optional perimeter safety netting made of stainless steel wiring
  • 6.1m x 6.1m (20ft x 20ft) for helicopters with a maximum take-off weight of up to 7000kg (15,430lbs)
  • 9.15m x 9.15m (30ft x 30ft) for helicopters with a maximum take-off weight of up to 7000kg (15,430lbs)
  • Non-standard sizes of Portapad are available and priced on request. For example medium to heavy rotary aircraft
  • Deck dimensions: 6.1m x 6.1m, 9.15m x 9.15m or larger deck available upon application
  • Total weight of the Portapad is 3200kg can be deployed by rotary using slings or flatbed desert truck
  • Maximum helicopter landing weight: 4,500kg – 7000kg (heavier on application)

Who can benefit from a portable helipad?

  • Custom & Border Control Agencies
  • HEMS & Police Emergency Services
  • Ariel Fire-Fighting Services
  • Remote Location Mining & Logging Industry
  • Humanitarian, Civil Protection and Peacekeeping Mission
  • Onshore Oil and Gas Exploration

“The FEC Heliports Portable Helipad Lights were not only chosen for their ability to provide a compliant, light weight, re-chargeable and easy to use portable lighting solution for the roll out of our night secondary landing sites, but they have also required pretty much zero maintenance (monthly checks only) and extremely low running cost benefits too. I can recommend the FEC Portable Lights to any service facing similar emergency incidents”

Becky Steele
MAAC Air Operations/MERIT/RTD Manager
Chair AAA Operations Sub Committee